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Dr Olena Seminog, MD, DPhil

Dr Olena Seminog, MD, DPhil

Olena Seminog

Senior Researcher

Olena Seminog is a Senior Researcher on the Pandemic PACT project within the GloPID-R Research and Policy Team. She joined the Pandemic Sciences Institute from the Big Data Institute at Nuffield Department of Population Health. Olena moved from working with large datasets of electronic patient records to building a new global dataset for research on pathogens with a pandemic potential. 

Olena has more than 10 years of research experience in Oxford. She published 20+ papers in prestigious medical journals, including the BMJ and The Lancet. Her research was featured in The Guardian, The Times. Olena appeared on the TV and radio, and presented at national and international conferences and meetings, including The Royal Society of Medicine and International Stroke Conference.

Olena’s medical background helped her to do research across a wide range of medical conditions, including vascular disease, genetic conditions, mental health and infectious diseases. Her expertise is in epidemiology, population health, large data bases and electronic medical records. She worked with electronic patient data from hospitals (HES) and primary care settings (CPRD) in England, and did a study comparing the real-world data and findings of the clinical trial ASCEND. For which she received an award from the British Heart Foundation Centre for Research Excellence. Olena sits on the editorial board of the journal Health Systems published by the Nature Publishing Group.

Olena received a DPhil in Population Health from the University of Oxford in 2017 for a thesis analysing epidemiology of acute stroke and analysis of the determinants of reduction in stroke death rates in England.

Olena was trained as a medical doctor in Ukraine, where she worked in a large TB hospital, and then moved to the South East Asia to work in the emergency department before coming to Oxford.