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Sandra E Chaudron

Sandra E Chaudron

Sandra E. Chaudron

Postdoctoral Associate Researcher

I have a BSc, a MSc and an Engineering degrees in Life Sciences and Technologies from the Ecole Polytechnique Féderale de Lausanne. 

I then obtained my Ph.D from the University of Zürich, characterising HIV-1 Superinfection in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study. 

I am now a postdoctoral associate researcher in the Bonsall and Fraser groups at the University of Oxford. I am currently contributing with my computational skills and molecular biology experience to the research and development of the AMPHEUS platform which aims to develop an integrated platform for HIV diagnostics and surveillance in developing countries, that will first be deployed in Zambia. 

I am originally from the Ivory Coast and has always been concerned about the impact of infectious diseases on disadvantaged populations. So my interest is in bridging the worlds of computational science, molecular epidemiology, and public health, to help bring solutions to these populations, and developing countries.