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Pandemic Sciences Institute - scheme for visiting academics and experts

The Pandemic Sciences Institute (PSI) has been established to draw upon experience and lessons learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic and identify and counter future pandemic threats. It will create science-led innovations to accelerate understanding of infectious diseases and develop new diagnostics, treatments, vaccines and digital disease control tools, with a focus on equitable access of benefits for all. To facilitate this, we want to establish strong and lasting partnerships with academia, industry and public health organisations across the world. As part of these activities, we have put in place a scheme to bring individual expert visitors (‘PSI Visiting Fellows’) to the PSI to work on collaborative projects and share and develop knowledge that will further both the PSI and partner organisations’ strategic goals.

Scope of Support 

The table below provides an indicative maximum budget of what support would be included for visiting experts (actual package will be agreed between the PSI Visiting Fellow and PSI Business Manager):



Visa fee and additional costs & NHS Surcharge


Travel (Inc. Flights and transfers)




Monthly accommodation stipend


Monthly subsistence stipend




The PSI will also hold a discretionary budget for people with children/other significant caring responsibilities, accessibility needs or other extenuating circumstances where required.

Application Process

To apply, the host sponsor, most likely a current PSI Investigator, must submit a proposal to support a visiting expert, directly by email to the PSI Director.

The PSI Strategy Development group will assess the proposal to support the visitor and the potential impact and benefit to the host and partner organisations. If a clear benefit to both is identified then the request will be approved. 

Once the visitor has been approved they will work with the PSI Business Manager to put in place an Academic Visitor agreement and agree a budget for the visiting period.

Scheme Specifics

Visiting Fellows:

  • will not have a contract of employment with the University.
  • will be at Oxford for a limited (and defined) period of time (normally up to a max of 1 year)  
  • will be associated with another institution (usually this means as an employee)
  • will be returning to their own institution upon completion of their visit to Oxford
  • will receive a set stipend to cover expenses of the visit such as visa fees, travel and subsistence, expenses, honoraria, or fees but NOT salary, and will NOT be carrying out a University job. 
  • will be provided with all required space, resources and access to facilities by their PSI host.


  • Acknowledge their status as a PSI Visiting Fellow in relevant publications and scientific presentations by including in the Affiliations section “Pandemic Sciences Institute, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.”
  • Agree to their photo and profile appearing on the PSI website and materials.
  • Be willing to contribute to the scientific, educational or communication activities of the Institute, e.g. by delivering seminars or lectures and attending PSI events.