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Our Mission

To create collaborative solutions to infectious disease threats, bringing together fundamental and translational research to improve global health and enhance real-world capabilities to respond to future outbreaks.

To do this we will focus on 6 strategic priorities:

  1. Evaluate: Enhance data collection and surveillance, working with partners to improve global tools and capabilities.
  2. Understand: Accelerate understanding and insights, generating actionable knowledge on pathogens, patients, populations and outbreaks as early warning indicators. For more details see here 
  3. Prepare: Translate research into real-world solutions by creating clinical trials platforms and deploying effective health technologies, including diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics. For more details see here
  4. Respond: Enhance the effectiveness of pandemic responses by improving trust, confidence and the efficacy of public health interventions. For more details see here
  5. Partnership: Build complementary collaborations, partnerships and networks both in the UK and globally, to enhance our capability to respond to infectious and pandemic threats.
  6. People: Build a diverse and inclusive institute, helping to develop the next generation of infectious disease researchers and scientific leaders both in the UK and globally.

Research Facilities

- Viral Vector Core Facility