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Amanda Rojek

Amanda Rojek

Amanda Rojek

Senior Clinical Fellow in emerging, outbreak, and high-consequence pathogens

I am a clinician researcher who works in health emergencies, and in particular, outbreaks of emerging and high-consequences pathogens. My aim is to produce robust and agile clinical research when an outbreak occurs - research that improves survival for patients, supports healthcare workers, and informs policy makers and governments. 

I undertook my medical degree and my post-graduate medical training in Australia. I was then awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford. My PhD coincided with the west Africa Ebola epidemic, where I project managed a phase II clinical trial of a novel Ebola treatment in Sierra Leone alongside a broader portfolio of work to accelerate patient centred clinical research for other outbreaks, and high-risk settings (such as refugee camps). During the pandemic I continued to treat patients, and contributed to the scientific leadership for the ISARIC global database- the largest cohort of hospitalised COVID patients worldwide representing almost a million patients from 76 countries. At present, my work is focused on a global harmonised trial for treatment of filoviruses (such as Ebola and Marburg disease), a phase III clinical trial for treatment of mpox, and supporting an observational study for Nipah Virus Disease.  Alongside this I undertake strategic work to improve outbreak preparedness, response, and recovery and provide technical advice to the World Health Organization (WHO) and advice to governments on pandemic preparedness and response. We welcome invitations for collaboration from potential partners and requests for technical assistance.

I enjoy teaching and lecture on post-graduate courses in global health and disaster medicine, and I supervise PhD students in the Pandemic Sciences Institute. We welcome enquires from potential students for medical electives and post-graduate programs.




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