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Dr Amen-Patrick Nwosu

Amen-Patrick Nwosu

MD, MSc.

GloPID-R Research Assistant

  • Research Assistant, Pandemic PACT Programme
  • PhD Student in Global Health Analytics

Pandemic Sciences Institute

Dr Nwosu obtained his public health master’s training in International Health & Tropical Medicine from the University of Oxford, building on experiences as a general physician and epidemiologist within the Nigerian healthcare space. Amen strongly advocates for increased utilisation of digital innovation and information technology to strengthen clinical and public health systems in developing contexts, and he is currently studying for a PhD in Global Health Analytics at Imperial College London. 

Amen's research is primarily geared towards the intelligent use of electronic healthcare data to understand and improve health systems functioning and resilience, and to inform the development and deployment of digital interventions to support health decision-making. In this vein, he joined the University of Oxford's  Pandemic Sciences Institute as a GloPID-R research assistant in 2023 to deliver on a new project aimed at improving global pandemic preparedness by developing a powerful research tracking tool for analytical capacity and funding of high-impact diseases (Pandemic PACT programme).