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Nick Provine

Wellcome Career Development Fellow

I am a Career Development Fellow in the Pandemic Sciences Institute. I established my group in early 2023. The group’s research is focused on understanding the innate immune cells and signals that regulate the induction of immunity by vaccination, particularly in the context of viral vector vaccination. There is a specific focus on using functional multiomic and tissue sampling approaches, combined with in vitro and in vivo experimental models, to elucidate vaccine-induced innate cytokines that regulate cellular and humoral immunity.

Before coming to Oxford, I did my PhD training with Prof Dan Barouch at Harvard University examining how CD4+ T cells regulate adenovirus vector-induced immunity. I joined Prof. Paul Klenerman’s group at  Oxford in 2016 for postdoctoral training. My postdoctoral work examined how cytokine-induced activation of innate-like T cells (MAIT cells and Vδ2+ γδT cells) promotes the immunogenicity of adenovirus vector vaccines, which revealed new insights into both the biology of unconventional T cells and this vaccine platform. The research group is continuing work in this area as one area of investigation.

In addition to research, I participate in the University's MSc in Integrated Immunology course as a lecturer and course committee member. 

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