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Susan Morris


Senior Post-Doc Vaccine Development and Manufacturing

  • Gilbert Group

Viral vector development and rapid manufacturing.

The main focus of my research is to generate Simian adenoviral vectored vaccines for a range of emerging and re-emerging pathogens including SARS CoV-2. Emerging pathogen outbreaks require a quick and efficient response. Manufacturing methods for Adenovirus vectors at large scale have been developed, however the process from selecting an antigen to starting a clinical trial can take at least 18 months. I have been working on improving the manufacturing processes for Adenovirus vaccines to minimise the time required from concept to end product. I am currently working on rapid analytical assays required during manufacturing. I work closely with the Clinical Biomanufacturing facility to ensure all processes are transferable to a GMP environment.

Another aspect of my research is the design and development of new viral vectors for various emerging pathogens. I am also interested in exploring novel vaccine delivery mechanisms.

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