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We describe the ultrastructural features of interstitial pneumonia and life cycle of P. carinii in the lung of immuno-compromised hosts. The hyperplasia and edema of alveolar lining cells appear to be largely responsible for the extensive desquamative alveolitis which characterizes the histopathologic features of P. carinii in the lung of immuno-compromised hosts. The ultrastructural data concerning the ameboid trophozoite, particularly the presence of lobopodies and the reduplication by binary fission, associated with cyst forming capacity, suggest that P. carinii can be reasonably placed within the Protozoa.


Journal article



Publication Date





319 - 328


Lung, Macrophages, Animals, Humans, Pneumocystis, Pneumonia, Pneumocystis, Microscopy, Electron, Immunosuppression Therapy