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M at Scope.jpgThe Viral Vector Core Facility (VVCF) has been producing recombinant viral vectors required by Oxford University Investigators for pre-clinical vaccine studies and other purposes for over a decade. The facility is also able to supply external academic and industrial collaborators subject to confirmation that there are no conflicts of interest with current research programmes.

A major bottleneck in vector use and development has been the small number of scientists with access to expertise in generation of recombinant viral vectors. The purpose of the VVCF is to generate recombinant vectors in adequate yield and quality for pre-clinical and veterinary research. Our vectors have been used in a wide range of animal models including; mice, non-human primates, sheep, cattle / buffalo, chickens, elephants, goats, camels, rabbits, guinea pigs and rats.

We are a small team of experienced and dedicated staff providing small to medium scale viral  preparations of high quality at low cost. We save our end users time and provide peace of mind that projects are started using materials that are viable and correct.

tissue culture cells.png