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The Viral Vector Core Facility is able to offer the following services:hood work.png


test tube.pngVVCF provide adenoviral preps of 1-5x1010 IU in total (1-5x1012 VP) for a standard batch and each batch is subjected to our standard QC tests. Large scale batches (1x1012 IU+) can be prepared upon request.  Insert size: up to 6.5kb.

Adenoviral vectors available: AdHu5 constructs or the Oxford owned ChAdOx1 and ChAdOx2 vectors.

Timescale: from linearized BAC to final product in less than 8 weeks.

Cost: approx. £1,300 for a standard prep (administration and shipping charges also apply).

VVCF also offer molecular biology services to produce the starting material required for viral production for an additional fee.




Minimum batch yield of 5x108 to 1x109 total PFU. Each batch is subjected to our standard QC tests.

Insert size: up to 10kb.Marzena Wroblewska lab.jpg

MVA vectors available: antigen expression at either the F11 locus (Oxford patented) or the TK locus (freely available), with or without a fluorescent marker (mCherry or GFP).

Timescale: from plasmid to final product in 12-14 weeks.

Cost: Prices start from £2,100 per batch. VVCF can also produce the starting material required for production on request for an additional fee.

Pre-GMP MVA: VVCF are able to produce MVA seed stock suitable for use as a starting material in your GMP process. Please contact us for more details.  




Our standard QC tests for batches are:M at Scope.jpg


- Identity:     

Flank to flank PCR to ensure correct size of antigen insert (adeno / MVA)

ID specific PCR (adeno / MVA)    

Purity PCR to ensure absence of parental virus (MVA)


- Viral titre:

Viral particle (VP) measurement by spec (adeno)

viral titre.png

Infectious units (IU) by immunotitration (adeno)

Plaque forming units (PFU) (MVA)


- Sterility testing: Broth culture method.


You will receive full batch paperwork detailing the origin, production details and QC information.                               

VVCF are also able to offer end-point sequencing of all final products and stability testing for adenoviruses over 5 to 10 passages with or without repression (with or without sequencing).




petri dish.png

By request, VVCF can order a desired insert (as a plasmid) and perform the necessary molecular work to produce the starting materials required for virus production.

All plasmids and BACs produced at VVCF undergo full flank-to-flank sequencing to confirm the antigen sequence is correct prior to production.






Once a virus has been prepared at VVCF we retain a pre-master seed for samples.pngconvenience of future orders. We are also able to produce viral batches on a larger scale that the standard prep sizes given.

Please contact us for a full quotation.

We welcome opportunities for collaboration or business partnership; enquiries can be directed to Dr Claire Powers or via VVCF enquiries email.