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Ali Amini

Wellcome Clinical Research Training Fellow

Sumali Bajaj


Sarah Batawi

DPhil Student

Toby Bonvoisin

DPhil student in Tropical Medicine and Global Health

Caolann Brady

DPhil Student

Frances Butcher

Clinical Research Fellow in Public Health and DPhil Student

Jean-Paul Carrera

DPhil Student

HoHee Cho

DPhil Student

Jack Crook

DPhil Student

Andrew Dagens

Dphil Student, ERGO

Dwi Wa Daningrat

DPhil Student in Clinical Medicine

Katherine Enright

DPhil Student

Adam Fowler

Part-time DPhil Student

Rachel Ganly

DPhil Student

Matej Hlavac

DPhil Student in Clinical Medicine and Vaccinology

Aime Igiraneza

DPhil Student in Biomedical Data Science

Julia Knox

DPhil Student

Harriet Longley

CDT Student

Ruth McCabe

DPhil Student


DPhil Student (NIH-Oxford)

Matthew Penn

DPhil Student

Antonino Polizzi

DPhil in Sociology

Mark Pritchard

DPhil Student in Clinical Medicine

Sadie Regmi

DPhil Student

Kayla Schulte

DPhil in Sociology

Jiaxin Shi

DPhil in Sociology

Nicholas Steyn

DPhil Student StatML

Joseph Tsui

DPhil Student

Mark Verhagen

DPhil in Sociology

Daniel Wright

DPhil Student of Clinical Medicine

Scholastica Zakayo

DPhil Student